Robert Wins At-Large Seat, Scores Major Victory for Progress in DC

Yesterday, Robert White’s campaign for City Council came to a triumphant conclusion. In a decisive statement that city residents are eager for change, Robert won his At-Large bid, defeating incumbent Vincent Orange and fellow challenger David Garber. The polls closed at 8pm with the race being called just after 10pm. From the CityPaper:

“Supporters at Robert White’s election party erupted into cheers moments after 10 p.m., chanting their candidate’s name after all precincts reported.

“We showed that there is no substitute for hard work,” White said, standing on a chair to address a packed second-floor room at The Prospect on U Street NW. “This election was a mandate for real people.”

Robert also stressed that, despite the campaign having ended, the real work of delivering on the goal of building bridges throughout all of DC has yet to begin.



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