Affordable Housing

“Robert White believes that affordable housing is the cornerstone issue at this time in our city’s history. He will fight to protect the current stock of affordable housing, create incentives for additional affordable housing developments, and support rezoning in under-performing commercial corridors. No one should be forced out of the District.”

On Robert White’s Plan: The D.C. government has a responsibility to maintain no less than the current stock of affordable housing units. We also must ensure that building owners properly maintain and repair low-income housing units. It’s morally wrong to allow our needy families to live in dangerous and unhealthy buildings.

In addition to maintaining the current stock, we have to enforce affordable housing requirements in new construction. In the current environment, it’s the rule, not the exception, that developers get waivers in order to avoid building affordable housing. I regularly meet developers who would like to develop real affordable housing, but they are leery of the Wilson Building and being ensnared in what is seen as a corrupt system. By changing the culture in the Wilson Building, we can attract additional developers and provide incentives towards building much-needed affordable housing options.

Finally, I believe that we need to make transportation improvements, specifically with bus corridors and ‘bus only’ lanes. This would connect parts of the city and then lead to housing for more families and a decrease in the areas that are currently isolated. To this point, under-performing commercial corridors should be rezoned to allow for affordable housing. This would increase vibrancy and optimism in many parts of the city.

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