“Robert White believes that the Democratic primary was a referendum on the historic pay-to-play, insider environment that has plagued District government for years. It is time that the people, not the self-interested politicians, come first. It is time to clean out the last vestiges of corruption from the Wilson Building.”

On Pay-to-Play: In D.C. there is an expected ‘quid pro quo’ in campaign finance that serves an unethical hidden tax and makes it more expensive to do business here. This is exactly why many businesses and developers, particularly affordable housing builders, choose to stay out of the District. When I am elected, I will support the strongest anti-‘pay-to-play’ legislation that we can develop.

On Holding Up Legislation (in Exchange for Favors or Contributions): If pay-to-play is the carrot, then holding up legislation is the stick. In the past, District residents have witnessed lawmakers hold up good legislation during election season to coerce support. Let me be 100% clear on two things. First, regardless of what we like to call it, this is corruption plain and simple. It only benefits incumbents and it places lawmakers above the people they were elected to serve. Second, when I win this election, I will not hold legislation for political purposes. I will always do what is best for the District.

On Councilmember Slush Funds: When elected, I will draft and submit legislation that requires a Councilmember using slush account funds to make a public disclosure of all expenditures within 48 hours of the use of funds or the creation of a debt obligation. Further, I will work towards the creation of a non-profit that will be responsible for the administration and oversight of those funds to make sure that the needs of constituents are being met. This will act as a way of ensuring that there will not be any financial mismanagement or impropriety.

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