“Robert White is a champion for the environment and green energy. He practices what he preaches, as he has a green roof and solar panels on his home. He supports environmental incentives and having a greater portion of the energy that the District uses come from renewable energy sources.”

On the Community Renewable Energy Act: I believe that residents investing in green energy deserve a 100% credit in order to encourage local investments wherever possible. We have provided incentives to coal and big oil for decades, and now is the time to shift incentives at every level towards renewable sources of energy.

On the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act of 2015: I support divestment from fossil fuel companies, and I want our city to be a leader in advancing the cause of, and supporting the economics for, green energy. I would also introduce a Sense of the Council Resolution that encourages other institutional actors in the District to divest from companies in the fossil fuel business.

On recycling and waste management: My belief is that we absolutely must increase the amount of waste we recycle. I will support innovative waste management strategies. Additionally, I will support educational programs that teach our children how recycling protects our natural resources and our health. This will give the kids in our city who do not learn this at home a strong start to becoming environmentally conscious adults.

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