Jobs and Livable Wages

“Robert White believes that the job training programs in the District are in shambles, and vows that he will clean up the mess.”

On Minimum Wage: I support raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. But with the cost of living in the District being so high, this is an incomplete solution and unsustainable one.

On Job Training: Job training and movement to career-track positions matter more. The federal government recently identified D.C. as the most unreliable partner for job training in the country. For that reason, the federal government has threatened to pull back TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in job training funds from the District. We have a systemic problem that requires new leadership.

On Fixing the Problem: On the Council, one of my key priorities is straightening out this mess and making sure that the citizens of the District have programs that actually put them on an upward track towards job security and stable economic growth.

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