“Robert White will push for a more reliable public transit system, new dedicated bus lanes, and additional bike lanes. He will find new allies in Congress to address the needs of our Metro system on which the federal government depends to carry its workers every day.”

On Congressional Funding: Our city is growing, and our transportation system has not kept pace. We all know that Congress has been negligent in funding Metro, which is the primary mode of transportation for federal government employees (an obvious fact that seems to be lost on our elected officials). While working on Capitol Hill, I collaborated with surrounding jurisdictions to advocate for increased funding for Metro. As the At-Large Councilman, I will continue to do make this a high priority.

On Additional Transportation Solutions: Because we can’t count on Congress to do what is right and support Metro, we need to improve the quality and flow of other modes of transportation. We need to expand bus routes and add more “Bus Only” lanes, particularly to move people from more isolated areas of the city to busier corridors where people can work, shop, or go to school. Kennedy Street NW is a great example of an underused corridor, as it is a connection point for different parts of the city.

We also need to increase bike lanes for a city-wide (and even region-wide) network. Forms of transportation that promote good health and decrease environmental damage will be at the forefront of my work.

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