Working Families

“Robert White knows firsthand how hard it is for working families to make ends meet in the District. Most of his family rely on an hourly wage, which has become almost unmanageable due to the sharp cost of living increases that our city has seen in recent years. Robert is now is the only member of his family who can afford to live in the District, and that’s not right.”

On Rising Costs: D.C. is one of the most expensive areas in the United States. Throughout the city, we see escalating costs. So many aspects of daily living, such as housing prices, property taxes, commercial real estate, and transportation costs all continue to go up. Medical costs continue to climb, though the Affordable Care Act has helped many. With so many escalating costs, working families that could once live comfortably, support their children, and have an overall good quality of life in the District are now being priced out. Our middle class is being squeezed dry.

On Affordable Housing: I have spent a considerable amount of time during the campaign talking about Affordable Housing. I am committed to making D.C. livable again for working families and those with low incomes.

On the Movement to Career-Track Jobs: To take advantage of the opportunities available in the District, our residents need better training. The Washington Post documented D.C.’s extremely poor record.

Sadly, these programs have failed our residents. If elected, I will work tirelessly to turn these programs around.

Job training and increased opportunities are the difference for working families between making it and falling through the cracks. A career-track position can provide residents stability in the home and secure the kind of income necessary for a family to plan and save. Job training can keep families in the middle class and help them climb the economic ladder. As the At-Large Councilmember, I will work tirelessly to ensure this is the case.

On Wrap-Around Services: In addition to the efforts above, I will support families and children with the additional services they need to foster stability, such as early childhood development programs, child care, mental health services and counseling, and transportation.

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