It’s Time to Modernize the Office of the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions

Washington, DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) are the official voice for their neighborhoods, made up of Commissioners who each represent approximately 2,000 constituents. Since 1976, ANCs have been advising the District government about issues affecting their neighborhoods, from proposed construction projects to dangerous intersections. But the pace and volume of Commissioners’ job has changed significantly over […]

Approve the Nominations of Natalie Hopkinson and Cora Masters Barry

I am very disappointed to learn that Chairman Phil Mendelson is refusing to approve the nominations of Natalie Hopkinson and Cora Masters Barry to the Commission on the Arts and Humanities. These women are being scapegoated and their nominations have been allowed to linger in the DC Council where they will die on November 3rd if […]

Statement on Fraud and Waste Allegations at DCHA

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) must investigate—fully and completely—any and all allegations and concerns surrounding fraud and waste at the DC Housing Authority (DCHA). I agree that it was best for DCHA Chair Neil Albert to step down from his post.  The residents of the District deserve an honest and transparent agency. Anything […]

Equity and Social Justice Issues Funded in DC Council’s FY2022 Budget

Today is a big day for the District of Columbia. My DC Council colleagues and I voted to set funding for the District’s fiscal year 2022 budget.  Here are some of our victories. Quality Education for All Children Large achievement gaps put many of our children of color at a disadvantage, even before they sling […]

CM Robert White Advances Equity & Social Justice Agenda in Committee Budget

On Thursday, July 1, 2021, the Committee on Government Operations and Facilities, chaired by Councilmember Robert White, passed its budget report and recommendations on the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget for agencies under its purview. The proposed budget was developed based on feedback from residents over the last year. The budget report advances Councilmember White’s equity […]

CM White Leads Fight to Diversify the District’s Financial Investors

Councilmember Robert White introduced a bill today to require the District to hire diverse investment consultants and fund managers to manage the city’s pension funds. The proposed law responds to concerns that the city’s lack of diverse fund managers has led to weaker financial returns. “Diverse investment teams generate better returns on investments,” White said, citing a 2020 […]

Office of ANC Strategic Plan Proposed

I hear constantly from ANC Commissioners that they need more resources to do their increasingly difficult jobs. Therefore, I’m proposing a master strategic plan to assess the resources and needs of the ANCs. Over the past two years I have: Increased funding for Commissions by $122,000 – the first increase in years Tripled the funding […]

New Housing Bill Takes Quick, Proactive Approach to Affordable Housing

Today, Councilmember Robert White introduced a bill to make housing in the District more affordable across the entire city. The Generating Affordability in Neighborhoods (GAIN) Act of 2021 allows the District to pay housing providers to convert existing rental units into affordable units using covenants on the property.   “By purchasing housing that already exists and lowering […]

Councilmember Robert White Introduces Legislation to Study Bias in how Law Enforcement Assess Threats for Protests

With the growing threat of homegrown domestic terrorism in the United States—often white supremacist affiliated— Councilmember Robert White introduced legislation today that would mandate the Office of the Attorney General to conduct a study to examine bias—conscious or unconscious—in the Metropolitan Police Department’s threat assessments. Citing the differences in the preparation for and responses to […]

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