New Housing Bill Takes Quick, Proactive Approach to Affordable Housing

Today, Councilmember Robert White introduced a bill to make housing in the District more affordable across the entire city. The Generating Affordability in Neighborhoods (GAIN) Act of 2021 allows the District to pay housing providers to convert existing rental units into affordable units using covenants on the property.   “By purchasing housing that already exists and lowering […]

Councilmember Robert White Introduces Legislation to Study Bias in how Law Enforcement Assess Threats for Protests

With the growing threat of homegrown domestic terrorism in the United States—often white supremacist affiliated— Councilmember Robert White introduced legislation today that would mandate the Office of the Attorney General to conduct a study to examine bias—conscious or unconscious—in the Metropolitan Police Department’s threat assessments. Citing the differences in the preparation for and responses to […]

Returning Citizens Lead the Way for Historic Progress

On Tuesday, the DC Council voted to make DC the first US jurisdiction to restore voting rights to residents incarcerated with felony convictions. The Restore the Vote Act, which undoes the Jim Crow era disenfranchisement of Black Americans, was approved as part of a larger policing and justice reform bill. DC now joins Maine and […]

Statement From Councilmember Robert White Requesting Local Action Protecting Protestors

As a government, we must demand justice and protect the rights and safety of our residents engaging in constitutional protest. To this end, I ask that Mayor Muriel Bower immediately: Call off the curfew to allow people to exercise their right to protest. Pursue justice for the assaults on peaceful protesters by law enforcement, especially […]

ANC Provisions in Today’s Emergency Bill

I have been keeping you apprised of the steps that the Council has taken to support Advisory Neighborhood Commissions during this public health emergency, and have continued to listen to you and advocate for you. As a result, every coronavirus response bill, including today’s, has included additional flexibility and support for Commissions. The Coronavirus Omnibus […]

Robert White’s Statement on the DC Jail and Returning Citizens

“I am very concerned about the serious reports coming from DC Jail residents and employees, which include the lack of shower access, residents not being able to make calls to family members or attorneys, and an alarming spread of the coronavirus within the jail. This follows weeks of previous reports that the DC Jail was […]