Councilmember Robert White Introduces Pride Plates Amendment Act of 2023

New proposed LGBTQ+ Pride license plates would fund Office of LGBTQ Affairs 

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WASHINGTON, DC (March 8, 2023) – Today, Councilmember Robert White reintroduced the Pride Plates Amendment Act of 2023 which creates a special purpose fund to support the work of the Office of LGBTQ Affairs (OLGBTQA) and directs the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to offer a new line of Pride license plates, with fees from the new plates supporting the OLGBTQA fund. OLGBTQA, which offers community programming, grants, and individual housing and employment supports, would use the fund “to support programs that promote the welfare of” the LGBTQ community.

“The District’s LGBTQ community is incredibly vibrant and active across our city. Unfortunately, LGBTQ people around the country are being persecuted,” said Councilmember Robert White. “This bill reaffirms the District’s dedication to our LGBTQ residents and visitors, and also gives drivers an opportunity to make a difference with small but meaningful recurring contributions to OLGBTQA.” White said he is excited that DC could have Pride plates when the District hosts World Pride in 2025, the 50th anniversary of local Pride celebrations.

The DMV offers a range of specialty license plates that celebrate shared DC values and help residents channel their enthusiasm for those values into donations towards specific causes. Current options range from specialty plates supporting the Washington Nationals baseball team to plates with calls to protect the Anacostia River watershed.

Last year the Committee on Transportation and the Environment held a hearing on this bill and the Committee on Government Operations and Facilities held a mark-up.

Councilmembers McDuffie, Allen, Gray, Pinto, Lewis George, Henderson, Parker, and Frumin joined Councilmember Robert White in co-introducing the 2023 reintroduction of the Pride Plates Amendment Act.

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Devon Haynes, Communications Director

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