Statement: Complete Overhaul Necessary to Fix DCHA

The damning HUD report on DCHA requires urgent and thorough action. DCHA is an agency in chaos. The Council must hold a hearing on this report immediately. Further, the Mayor and the Council must reconstitute the Board of Commissioners and appoint a Director with housing experience. It is clear that the current Board, as a whole, is not capable of digging DCHA out of this crisis. DCHA needs a Board with the expertise and will to fix this agency that is hobbled by mismanagement and corruption. In addition to members who are residents of public housing, the board needs members with experience in property management, organizational management, property maintenance, procurement, and compliance, and to be independent of politics. The cost of inaction is homelessness and displacement of seniors, and harming children who deserve a fighting chance and families in our city who are struggling the most. The District must be resolute enough to do what is clearly necessary here. The Council and the Mayor must come together on this.

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